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Mew Fumizuki Character

  • Attack: 3/5
  • Defense: 3/6
  • Movement: 3/4
  • Charm: 3/5
  • Energy: 1/4
  • Speed
  • Student
  • Strength
  • Shopping
Gender Female
Instruction Health = 8.
Quote "The back of your head is flat. That's why you try to hide it with that awful hairstyle." - Mica
  • Alien

Juuban Shopping District Haven

Instruction Allows 1 Character per Turn to add a Shopping or Merchant skill.
Text Home to many shops and restaurants.
  • Haven

Clock Look Location

Requirements Shopping
Text Novelty clocks in every design imaginable.
Quote "I don't need a watch." - Ami
  • Dimensional

Geocity Location

Requirements Military or Shopping or Cooking
Quote "Welcome to Geocity. Descending three hundred meters into the ground. This giant underground city establishes a new form for Tokyo."

New York Location

Requirements Communications or Shopping or Money or Alien
Text The Big Apple.

Osa-P Jewellers Location

Requirements Fashion or Shopping or Naru
Text The Osaka family shop in the Juban shopping district.
  • Clothing

Pet Shop Perfume Location

Requirements Shopping
Text The only place in town where you can get a chanela.
Quote "I'm gonna buy this chanela." - Shingo"I'd like to buy one too." - Mika
  • Animal

Plaza Location

Requirements Shopping or Police & Military
Quote "The important things haven't changed. There's still the same painted blue sky, and artificial trees, white birds on a brilliant rainbow…"- Maggie

Shinjuku Location

Requirements Electronic Day Planner or Shopping
Text Shinjuku is a major commercial and administrative center in Tokyo, and a hotbed of demon activity.

Tiffany's Location

Requirements Fashion & Money
Quote "All so pretty. Hard to make up my mind. I guess I'll take them all." - Alice

Make a Day of It Minor Disaster

Instruction Characters with Fashion or Shopping are Held 3 Turns.

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