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Idol Disguise Enhancement

  • Music
  • Celebrity
Instruction Gives the Music & Celebrity skills or +1 to existing skills.
Quote "Alright! It's decided. I'll take you to the T.V. station." - Yaegashi
  • Fame
  • Music
  • Illusion

Shan Shan Plaza Location

Requirements Celebrity or Music or Comedian
Text Venue for the final round of the Cinderella Caravan contest.
Quote "That's odd. There's no audience here to watch the show." - Usagi
  • Fame

Derella Minor Disaster

  • Attack: 2/4
  • Defense: 2/4
  • Movement: 2/3
  • Charm: 4/-1
  • Energy: 0/3
Gender Female
Instruction +1 all at Shan Shan Plaza.
Quote "Starting today all of you are going to be big stars!"
  • Fame
  • Monster

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